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3D Printed Materials


FDM Polymers

  • Markforged Onyx CF-PA12

  • ASA

  • TPU 95A

  • PLA

  • Polypropylene

  • PETG

  • More!

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SLA Resin

Formlabs materials provide a wide range of engineering properties. Anything from high rigidity for injection mold to shore 50A rubber for custom gaskets.

Formlabs TPU 90A Powder.jpg

SLS Polymers

Formlabs printing at manufacturing scale.

Great for high volume and assemblies.

  • Nylon 12

  • Nylon 12 Glass Reinforced

  • Nylon 11

  • Nylon 11 Carbon Fiber Reinforced

  • TPU 95A

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Metal Plating

Plastics and resins plated in copper or nickel to provide a surprising boost in strength, conductivity, or just a stunning finish.

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