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Making it happen.

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Additive Manufacturing

Polymer and Resin 3D printing allows for rapid iteration. Our wide variety of capable materials with our designers and engineers under one roof mean you get results faster.



Talented fabricators, engineers, and artists come together to assemble functional and aesthetic projects. With a broad range of methods including laser cutting, engraving, welding, and wiring; we can build just about anything.



Need some skilled hands to build in volume? Trust our professionals to assemble everything from sheet metal to textiles to wire.


Panel Building

Our panel builders have the know-how and care for detail to ensure that your panel assemblies not only work right, but they look sharp.



With over a decade of experience in both practical and artistic painting, Facto Nova can create a paint job for every occasion. Durable coatings elevate the wear resistance of your parts, while aesthetic painting can provide visual storytelling to your props.

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Machining and Metal Plating

Our performant polymers aren't cutting it? Try copper or nickel plating those parts for extra strength and rigidity. Still need to go stronger? We can optimize those parts for metal machining as well.

Casting and Mold-Making.jpg

Casting and Mold Making

Using a combination of 3D printing and mold-making skills, we can cast just about anything. Silicone, urethane, foam, metal, and more!

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Graphic Printing

Resin ink-jet and vinyl decals add a durable pop to your products! Bring your own design our have our artists craft one for you.

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